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Recore TPMS Starter Kit

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AKRON, Ohio (October 25, 2012) – There are more than 200 million TPMS sensors on the road today. Over 35% of those sensors are now at least three years old, and industry estimates are that more than nine million sensors will need to be repaired in the next two years.
A quick check of auto and tire technicians’ discussion forums on the web reveals that, most of the time, TPMS failure is not due to a fault in the sensor itself — it is due to valve stem failure, caused by galvanic corrosion. This is why Ken-Tool has introduced its new reCore™ Sensor Saver System.
According to Rock Tyson, VP Sales and Marketing at Ken-Tool, “The new reCore™ Sensor Saver System from Ken-Tool positions auto and tire service shops to take advantage of TPMS repair opportunities while they save their customers time and money.”
An affordable solution to valve stem corrosion problems, the patent pending reCore System provides everything service technicians need to repair corroded TPMS valves — including replacement TPMS valve stems and caps that are nickel-plated and will not fail due to galvanic corrosion.
The replacement process itself is fast and simple. Technicians work directly on the damaged valves, removing the corroded stem, tapping new threads, and torqueing in

the replacement stem. There’s no need to remove the tires from the vehicle, no need to rebalance the tires, and no need to reset or relearn the TPMS sensor.
According to Tyson, “With a little skill and practice, a tech can repair and install a new valve stem in 10-15 minutes. Compare this to the time it takes to order a replacement TPMS module, install it, and reprogram the vehicle’s TPMS system. And that’s not to mention the cost savings and goodwill auto and tire service shops can pass on to their customers!”
Also part of the system and included in the Starter Kit: a high-speed carbon steel dual cutter drill bit for recoring; a premium German-made tap for cutting new threads; and special O-rings and professional-grade threadlock to ensure an air-tight and secure seal.
The Starter Kit provides 12 reCore replacement valve stems. Refill Kits are available with 25 reCore valve stems and a new tap.
Ken-Tool products are available through leading tire industry supply distributors worldwide.  For more information about the reCore system and other professional tire-changing tools, visit A complete video demo is available online at High-resolution images of the Ken-Tool reCore™ Sensor Saver System can be found at

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